About us

"Hurwitz Exports Ltd" today is one of the largest suppliers of all types of mink, fox, raccoon, squirrel and other kinds of fur, plates, bodies and linings. We attained this position by offering a superior quality of product, as well as an excellent service to satisfy even the most extraordinary wishes of our customers.

We procure our raw and dressed materials from all over the world, including Europe, America, Canada, Russia, and Australia and offer our clients our services in all world auctions, providing a detailed catalogue of items and offering expert advice on quality and value.

Our philosophy

Our underlying spirit and philosophy has always been to challenge ourselves to achieve the highest standard in everything we do. The success we achieve throughout the long years proves our dedication and commitments.

Our history

"Hurwitz Exports Ltd" was incorporated in 1945 and has been an active member of the London Fur Trade for sixty years. The founder of "Hurwitz Exports Ltd" began his career in Leipzig in 1930 and moved to London in 1936. He therefore enjoyed many years in the Trade both as a skin merchant and commission agent together with his son who joined the company in the Seventies.

Reason for success

Our experienced specialists, who try to find a solution for our customer's every day requests, will guarantee you the best possible quality of service. Upon closer consideration, you will notice that we also offer products at very competitive prices.