International Brokers

As international brokers we offer all clients our excellent service in buying skins at all auctions worldwide.

  • We provide a descriptive catalogue of items in any auctions and offer
    our invaluable expert advice on quality and value;
  • Whether or not you are able personally to attend an auction, we
    can purchase goods on your behalf according to your exact instructions;
  • We arrange insurance and transportation to your specified destination;
  • We will recommend the best dressing plants in a world and will take care
    of the dressing process, providing a substantial discount for our customers.
  • We will arrange a visa support and send invitations for visiting countries
    holding auctions and fairs.
  • We book a hotel for you, arrange a pick up at the airport if necessary,
    and organize sightseeing and excursions in your spare time.
  • We take care of translation on your behalf so that you feel comfortable
    and confident abroad.

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HURWITZ as a broker at Fur auction

Stock Sales

We can offer to you raw and dressed skins of any description outside the auctions from our stock, farm or other dealers. Usually we are able to offer an extensive list of goods from our warehouses around the world.

Please contact us for our price list and conditions - email us


As we are experts in garment manufacturing, we can arrange production of garments according to your instructions from skins bought at the auctions or from our stock skins. Our garments are manufactured by a highly professional team, which will respond effectively to specific requirements of our clients.

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Buying skins directly from a supplier

One of the main directions of our business is buying all types of fur (sable, squirrel, kolinsky, fox, ermine, coyote, lynx, muskrat, etc.) directly from a supplier, providing goods are sorted according to a specification.

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